February 20, 2013

the view from a monkey

hello everyone! monkey number 1 here just here to talk about stuff.
today I rode to school with a boy that didn't even go to school. He usually goes to school, but today he had to go do a thing called job shadow. He probably wouldn't have taken me to school but he forgot to tell me that he wasn't going so he took me anyways.
When i got to school it was pretty boring until about 3rd period. My 3rd period is Spanish, and we had a substitute today. Now I'm not usually excited about substitute teachers but this one just made me laugh.
On the way home from school we went to McDonald's just because one of the kids in the car said he would buy us all drinks. After that I really just sat home until I started to type this. But I have to stop now because I'm late for scouts.  

July 26, 2011

Happily Treking Along

Carson just returned from what ended up being a 27.57 mile trek - with a 3500 foot change in elevation.

Here's the trail - it's outside of Evanston.

And a before photo and then a during. I was so excited to see my boy that I forgot to take an after. He looked pretty similar - still smiling, but he didn't smell very good, and he had a little bit of a sunburned chest from where he forgot to put on sun screen on the last day. Some of my friends were ma's on this trip, and they all commented about how good Carson was about putting on the sunscreen. Such a good boy!

His friend, Shandon - the one with him in this photo - has an awesome mom. Trinh made two shirts for Carson in pioneer style. (although in that camo you sure can't see any style right?).

This is him playing games with my friend, Corinna's, family. Look at that sky!
They said there was ONE cloud the entire 4 days.
I think I'm getting sunburned just looking at it...
I know I'm a little prejudiced, but I think that when it's my turn to be a ma I'm praying for boys like Carson.

My friend, Shannon, spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Here's a link to their talks.

July 24, 2011

Ananas comosus

I don't know what it is about Griff, but he's fixated... This is a post from 2 1/2 years ago. See the spiky apple bit?

Top of the tree
Bottom of the tree -
can't see the peony from this view
Yesterday morning he was staring out the front window at our pine tree. He doesn't sit still like that very often, so I stopped to see what he was looking at. He finally asked...
Mom, will that tree grow pinecones or pineapples?
Can you imagine the poor boy's disappointment?!

Jon sat down with him and described a pineapple plant and how pineapples are harvested - by 14 year old boys who are apparently kidnapped and sold into slavery. I've never said that Jon's completely accurate in his teaching, but who am I to argue his point? Maybe it happens. Sure makes it sound like blood diamonds or something though doesn't it?

Anyway. I've been tasked with getting Griff a pineapple at the store today. I'm happily obliged.
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