February 20, 2013

the view from a monkey

hello everyone! monkey number 1 here just here to talk about stuff.
today I rode to school with a boy that didn't even go to school. He usually goes to school, but today he had to go do a thing called job shadow. He probably wouldn't have taken me to school but he forgot to tell me that he wasn't going so he took me anyways.
When i got to school it was pretty boring until about 3rd period. My 3rd period is Spanish, and we had a substitute today. Now I'm not usually excited about substitute teachers but this one just made me laugh.
On the way home from school we went to McDonald's just because one of the kids in the car said he would buy us all drinks. After that I really just sat home until I started to type this. But I have to stop now because I'm late for scouts.  
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