September 02, 2008

There Goes My Baby...

Griff's preschool is 3 days/week from 12:30 - 3:00. He's going to a place down the street from daycare - and it's during daycare hours, so it shouldn't have even been a big deal. He was just so excited and seemed so grown up!

Last night he told me he had to stay in his own bed ALL NIGHT LONG because he's a big kid. He did it! I suppose we'll have to see how long that will last.

He woke up around 7:45 this morning, put on his clothes, brushed his teeth, asked for a bowl of cereal, ate it ALL (because you have to have a good breakfast to go to school), and then went to find a comb and gel for his hair. He got out his backpack, grabbed a sweatshirt, and went and stood in the driveway until Jon was ready to leave for work.

I got to wave goodbye from the garage while they drove down the street. As I walked in the house and thought about being all by myself (which has happened almost every day since Cars & Ev started school 2 weeks ago) I just started to cry.

It's all good though. Jon came home from work around 1:30. I got to spend the afternoon talking to him with no boys around!

I had the windows open all day, got my IKEA Klover lamp hung in my office, did 2 conference calls and some other work stuff, got most of my office organized, went grocery shopping, and took Griff to the library.

It really has been a good day. I think I'll go finish up dinner and snuggle G on the couch while we watch Ben 10 or something.

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