December 31, 2008

2008 Closing Random Thoughts

It's 1:32 pm - just over 10 hours left of 2008, and what am I doing? NOTHING!

First of all can you believe that we're 10 years past 99? I mean - Prince said he'd party like it's 1999 - what was partying like then anyway? I had a 2 year old, and I'm pretty sure that any partying going on at my place was much different to the stuff that Prince was singing about.

Anyway - I have places to be, parties to attend, a new year to celebrate, and I'm sitting here in my office watching my next door neighbors, who have never experienced snow - apparently there really are still people like this, shovel and reshovel piles. They're not creating sledding hills, making snowmen, or clearing a path out of the garage. Just randomly shoveling. Huh.

Jon's working today (always a good thing), and the other 3 boys are downstairs watching Ratatoulli, jumping on the couches, and playing Heroscape. I cleaned the kitchen this morning, but now it's a mess (the boys found where I hid the Candy Cane Almond Roca and Lindor Truffles, and there are wrappers EVERYWHERE). The cushions are all off the couches in the family room, and Carson's got the floor of the living room completely covered with figures, tiles, cards, etc so that he can plot his strategy for tonight's game.

I really don't want to go down there anyway - it'll just mean that I have to do something or look at my partially put away Christmas decor. There's just not time to finish putting it away, get ready for tonight's party, and put together the yummies that I'm taking. Oh well.

The family room tree has been bagged - it'll go back to Jon's parent's house tonight. The one in the kitchen has all of the ornaments removed and boxed up at its foot and it just needs to be carried to the basement. The living room tree is still standing on the end table with all of its adornments also boxed beneath it. Is there anything more lonely or post-holiday representationist than an undecorated tree? Don't think so.

I did finish beading a necklace and bracelet this morning. They go with the earrings that my SIL, Chris, gave me for Christmas. I'd post a photo, but the camera has gone incognito for a few days - that's why I haven't posted photos of Christmas morning. I've been wearing all 3 jewelry items with my jammies and pony-tailed hair thus far today. Griff said I look beautiful. Who am I to argue?

Yesterday I found a zipped, angora hoody at Smith's Marketplace. I really do love the thing, but I'm going to work on want/need spending in 2009. That black hoody really isn't a need. I have other black sweaters, and that hoody has pockets right about hip level that create little bulges where they aren't necessarily needed. Besides - if I bought the hoody I'd want to but a new cami to go underneath it, and I don't need more of those either. BUT - it's on a 60% off sale. Oh the dilemma.

I hear my latest chick lit calling me. I may have to read a chapter or 4 before I get in the shower. As long as we're ready to rock & roll when Jon gets here, it's all good, right?

Have an enjoyable, safe evening. I'd like you to all be around to check out my thoughts during '09.


  1. You are such a great writer. Ever thought of becoming a journalist? I love reading your stuff. Sometimes, it would be nice to live close enough to partay with the kids would be in heaven.

    Happy New Year


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