March 13, 2010

Thank You, Rush Limbaugh

This morning I finished an incredible book: Winter Garden. This one is going on my top-10 list... My tears had subsided, but emotions were near the surface when I got a much needed call from my mother-in-law.

In December Jon's sister and her family got to have dinner with a famous talk show host. He and my brother-in-law had become friends during my BIL's tenure with the US Air Force. Here is what my BIL had to say about that evening.

We had the opportunity to spend an evening with Rush at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. We had a blast sitting around the dinner table talking and telling stories. The pictures were taken in front of the flag several of us flew for him during the Operation Iraqi Freedom air campaign. He comissioned a sculptor to create the bronze life-size Bald Eagle in front of the flag. It weighs 700 pounds!

Anyway - my MIL called to tell me that this generous host is sending his private jet to take Valerie, Ryan, and Jeff to Houston for Jeff's upcoming treatment. How cool is that?! Rush, thank you for providing excitement to a family that needs some positive vibe. You've brought me more tears on this sleety March morning.

My nephew, John, had surgery this morning to straighten his arm, and things went well with that. Hooray!

The oldest nephew in this family, Ryan, got his mission call yesterday. He's going to the Washington Everett, spanish speaking mission. Leaves at the end of May.

So good to have something happy to think about today!

P. 383 from my new dearest book contains the following:

And maybe that was how it was supposed to be, how life unfolded when you lived it long enough. Joy and sadness were part of the package; the trick, perhaps, was to let yourself feel all of it, but to hold on to the joy just a little more tightly because you never knew when a strong heart could just give out.

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