June 22, 2010

One Sweet Ride

This is a photo of my dad and his two baby girls.

I'm the one with pigtails...

Can you name the make, model, and year of the other one?

There's a sad story about the end of my dad's ownership of that sweet ride.
Apparently one of his baby girls couldn't keep her little digits off the windows of the other.
This drove him

C R A Z Y!!!

When prized son came along, the sweet ride had to go -
didn't quite fit the family man image I suppose.

Well, someone came to give sweet ride a test drive.
That's it - took the car - and drove off into the sunset.




But look what my dad got in exchange...

That's a 2-door, 1976, 3-on-the-tree, Ford Granda folks!
With white walls no less...

It's what I learned to drive.
It's the car I drove into the Taco Bell sign
t-boned into a guy in the University Mall parking lot.
I totalled the guy's brand new truck (he'd bought it that morning),
and the Granada's bumper wasn't even dented.

I wish I could say that I loved that car like I'm sure my dad loved that sweet ride.

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