July 06, 2010

Creative Capitalism

My nephew Kendan is spending a day or so with us before he returns home to Michigan. The boys have played Risk, Heroscape, and Xbox. They made their own breakfast and pizza roll snack. I contributed the lunch portion of their day. Things started getting a bit rowdy this afternoon, so I sent them all outside.

They asked if they could sell lemonade. We didn't have any, so they mixed up some Kool-Aid. They made signs, got a table and camp stools, and even asked for a tablecloth. I gave them a festive starred & striped one. It's sure to get noticed.

On their way out the door they mentioned that some other neighbors were selling liquid refreshment for $0.50 a cup. My industrious boys decided to underprice them and go for $0.25.

Evan came back a few minutes later to make another sign. Apparently the competition got wise and lowered their price. Forced the Hills to offer the "Most Rock Bottom Price Ever" - $0.10!!!

They'd been gone for about 30 minutes when Griff came walking in the door. He said they hadn't sold anything, and I'm confident that more than his share of the profit resides in that stache on his upper lip or in the confines of his belly.

Now here's the real creativity. Griff starts raiding the first aid box in the kitchen. He exclaims, "YES!!"
and runs toward the front door. He wasn't headed straight out, so I peered down the stairs to see what was going on. He was wrapping his arm with an Ace bandage.

 I asked what happened.

He replied,
"Nothing. I just think we might sell more if I look like I'm hurt."
I think I feel a lesson about integrity coming on.

But really - if you're in the area - humor the kid. You won't be able to avoid his puppy dog eyes anyway. And the arm will just add to the experience.

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  1. hahahaha!!! I can't stop laughing!!!


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