November 18, 2010

How Do You Wrap?

Miranda asked a question about what my wrapping will look like this year (OK she didn't specifically as ME, but play along...), and I started to leave the following as a comment response. It was getting a bit verbose, so I decided to turn it into a post of my own...

My mother's wrapping made Christmas morning look like a scene right out of The Nutcracker. Her bows are BEAUTIFUL!!! She says the trick is using solid color wrapping paper, and she's right. Everything goes better when you use solid colors.

I used to try to duplicate, but then I had boy children and a hubby who grew up with presents wrapped in that green and white stiped dot matrix printer paper (his dad worked for IBM).

One year I wrapped everything in brown paper and tied it all up with rafia... That was our last Christmas in Logan, and I also madeour tree ornaments out of cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, and jute. My tree skirt was a couple of yards of burlap. It was very pretty, but Jon said he was going to take the tree to the elk refuge when we were finished. Did not go well from there.

Now each boy has his own color of wrapping paper. That way I don't have to put tags on anything. They get a gift with their stockings that tells them what their wrap is, and the chaos ensues.

Sometimes I'll fancy wrap stuff that's going to folks outside of my house. Depends how early I get it wrapped and who it's going to. There is just something about an incredibly wrapped package that makes me happy to give the gift.


  1. I have never understood fancy wrapping, but that's probably because our birthday presents were usually wrapped in the Sunday funnies (in color).

  2. I'm glad you made this a post. Your mom does tie beautiful bows. I like the idea about each boy having his own color wrapping paper.

  3. I like to have the colors all coordinate, but I don't always use solid colors. And my bows are always tulle--very forgiving but still pretty. My biggest thing is that I wrap everything possible down to the smallest gift in a stocking. I never understand why some people don't wrap the Santa presents! Unwrapping is half the fun. My kids also each have a separate wrap that designates their gifts.


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