March 16, 2011

About a Car...

Apparently Evan has been living good lately. Last night he took first place in our ward's pinewood derby. Now I have to tell you that I'm completely impressed with this year's car. I mean come on - it's gold and it glitters! Just don't tell my guys that I said so.

Seriously - isn't that pretty?

Do you see her? She's the one out there a full car length in front of the next racer.

That's my boy's speed demon...

Evan was completely awkward walking next to the track to pick her up after each heat. All that attention kind of overwhelms my dear middle son. And yet he just does these amazing things.

As he was headed to his room for an elated night's slumber, he said:

Mom - I know I didn't ask about sleeping with my science fair ribbon. Do you think it's ok if I take this one to bed with me?

Yep - that's all him. Pure humility.

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