February 03, 2008

We got walloped!!!

I know I mentioned it in my Christmas card, but my neighbors really are amazing. There are 7 men (including my fabulous Jon of course - see how much he's enjoying himself?!)snowblowing/shoveling/plowing the sidewalks, driveways and street. There's a 4-wheeler out there, and someone's located a front-end loader that they're using to plow the road (with this much snow and more expected through tomorrow, West Jordan City will get the major road through our neighborhood plowed probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. It'll probably be next weekend before they make it to the misc neighborhood streets.) There are kids out throwing snowballs at the shovelers, and it looks like someone took hot chocolate out to them all. I went out to snap photos, and someone raced by on a snowmobile.

We woke up to honestly blizzard conditions this morning. The wind was unbelievable. The snow was plastering so hard against the west-facing windows that they were completely covered with ice. These pictures don't provide the perspective, but the drifts in our back yard are about 3 feet high. Good thing the snow's let up a bit - I think our neighbors Gary and Debbie would have 2 extra dogs in their back yard. Hilo wold be over the fence in a heartbeat. Kona would be a little more reserved, but she'd follow him. They both must have found their brains though - I tried to get photos of them, but they're nowhere to be seen. Hope that means they're in their doghouses.

I've told my boys about one particular storm that hit while I was at my Grandpa's house in Burley when I was quite a bit younger. The snow had drifted between the house and the pasture, and Grandpa had to dig a tunnel through it so that he could get out there to feed the cows. I remember that drift being almost as tall as Grandpa. This storm is probably the closest my 3 city boys will ever see.

That's all for now - there's a party going on outside and I'm missing it!

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