October 07, 2008


A couple of weeks ago Jon's friend, David Tipton, was working on the east coast and was nice enough to bring us home some lobster!

There were 6 of the things in the cooler. The boys thought it was so cool to watch them lethargically move around.

I had no idea how to cook these nasty looking beasts or how to crack them open once they were cooked. Apparently the Hills have had lobsters shipped in from the East Coast before (one particular batch was drowned in the bath tub before they could be eaten), so we headed over to the "Hill"ton for a Saturday afternoon meal.

Evan asked me if we could keep one and return it to the ocean. Like there's one of those somewhere nearby! Then proceeded to ask us how you cook them. I was S-T-U-P-I-D and made a wise crack about hearing them scream when they're dropped in the pot. Why do I do these things?! This REALLY got Evan thinking. Out of all of us, Evan's the most enthusiastic seafood lover, but he's also the most sensitive. He had tears rolling down his face while he thought of Snappy's demise.



Thankfully there were no screams (from Snappy or from Evan), and everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal.

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  1. Those lobsters look awesome! For one of our anniversaries, my husband took me out, and I ordered LOBSTER - when they served it, I couldn't eat it because the eyes were staring straight at me! I have a hard time eating something that's staring me down - haha.....from now on I just order lobster tail.....


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