October 30, 2008

Moms are Psychic

You know when you do something really stupid, and your mom can tell something's up even though you don't tell her? Well ...

This morning Evan was sucking on a metal tube of some sort. I told him he needed to get it out of his mouth and asked him what it was. He responded with his usual shoulder shrug and walked away.

A few minutes later he brought me the pump that we use for footballs, soccer balls, etc and said that he'd figured out where the metal thing came from. Someone had broken off the needle from the pump.

Being the engineer that I am I figured, "I can fix that!"

I looked around for somthing small to push the remaining piece out of the needle holder (how's that for a technical term?). I used a ball point pen, (which will now most likely never write again) but that didn't work so well. I continued to look through my stash of things on my desk and found my pink screwdriver with its multiple heads.

"Aha!" I thought and went to work. I couldn't get the holder to stay still when it was on my desktop, so for some insane reason I picked it up. I actually got the broken portion of the needle to move a bit, so I kept at it.


I dropped the holder. As I bent to pick it up I realized that the freaking screwdriver was still attached to my thumb. Instant stomach queasiness and a few, choice, toenail-curling words later I pulled out the screwdriver and ran to my bathroom.

I put a few bandaids on the end of my thumb and called Jon. He told me that I should call a neighbor to have them look at it to see if I needed stitches.

Who's home... who's home... I kept thinking while applying additional bandages (It stopped bleeding through at 6). I finally called Michelle, but she was busy signing something for her son, Tyler, and Tyler was some sort of Nazi who wouldn't let me talk to her. I hung up, and instantly my phone rang.

Guess who... My mom!

I got to tell her how stupid I'd been and then I knew I was in for the "you should go to the doctor and get stitches and a tetanus shot" lecture. The next thing I thought was that I hadn't showered yet this morning and was still in my silly green striped PJs.

Anyway - I got to tell my mom that it really hurt. She was wonderful and just listened to me. I love that she called right when I needed her to. I know she called for another reason, but I can't think of it off the top of my head...

Thanks Mom! I love you.

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  1. You poor thing! So what happened? Stitches? I hope you are feeling better.


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