February 05, 2010

February Frump...

It's Friday.
It's snowing.
There's no sunshine.
I'd really like to see blue sky.
The ground is moist.
My friend, Chalyce, doesn't like that word.
The grass is dormant.
And ugly.

Griff slept 11 hours last night!
He was a baby polar bear this morning.
He only gave up-the-side-of-your-face-licking-kisses.

My friend, April, unleashed a stipple monster.
I want to quilt.
I've got one stacked.
And two waiting for starch.
My browns don't match.
On the back.
I need new thread.

Jon said I should try to go one whole day without spending any $.
I think I can pay for the thread with coins in my purse and car.
But then I'd see all that fabric.

And there's a Holiday on the corner.
With Diet Coke with Lime on tap.
That'd take more coins.

My modem doesn't work.
Because I confused it.
Only one phone in the house works.
Because of the confused modem.
It's not a wireless phone.

I want a new bedspread.
That I would sew.
With on-sale fabric.
Just 6 yards.
Of a designer tapestry weave.
That's too much $ per yard.
Even on sale.

I need kidney beans in food storage.
The canned kind that I don't have to soak.
But I can soak beans in the mean time.
In the crock pot.

I'm stuck in my house.
Waiting for the cable guy.
I could go for a walk.
But what if he's early.
Yep-that's my excuse.

I need an attitude adjustment.
Maybe I should just adjust a presser foot.
And make a pillow.
For every room.
With the ruffler....
And fabric scaps.
A Project!


That's your baby polar bear kiss.
Thank me for sharing.

I really need a shot of Vit D.

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