February 16, 2010

I Thought This Would Be Easy

Last week at book club my friend, Alena, made some delicious chicken fajitas using homemade tortillas. I got there just as she was rolling out the tortillas and putting them in the fry pan. The woman was walking around the kitchen, talking to me, talking to her daughter, setting the table, and not even acting stressed. Jennifer said she wanted Alena to come over and teach her how to make them. Then we decided that on our next movie night we'd have Alena teach us all how to make them.

This is NOT Alena or any of the other ladies in my book club...

I was talking to Jon later and told him about the tortillas. It was so easy to do, why did I need to wait for Alena to show me how? Yah. So not what happened.

I went ahead and mixed the dough - it was a bit lumpy, but I figured that would work out.
I rolled a couple out and put them in the pan - they were entirely too thick. It was like eating an unlevened fry bread. Too dense, too dry, too uneatable.

Jon suggested getting out my pasta maker and rolling them through that. Great idea - not great results. Although I think that some of the problem was that he was cooking them too long. The directions did say that slow cooking would dry them out.

We ended up with flatbread ham and cheese sandwiches that literally crumbled on the first bite. Jon was taking the boys to a $1 movie so they were in a hurry. They were great sports, but I'm afraid that most of the sandwiches were slipped out the door to the dogs.

See how fluffy and bubbly and round these tortillas are? Mine didn't look like that.

Alena? HELP!


  1. You are brave to try. By the way, what book did you read for book club?

  2. I know the whole idea was to be able to make them from scratch but truly.........try the ones from Costco. They are uncooked and easy to throw on the skillet and they are awesome! You can make believe you made them yourself. Believe me fresh scratch isn't always the best for busy Moms.
    Good girl for trying.

  3. @Jenn - I get to pick for May. I think I'm going to go with "The Help" unless something else strikes my fancy in the mean time.

    @Nina - Those Costco tortillas are permanently on my list. And I may have to agree with going the easier route on this one. Miss you.

  4. oh no! I'm sorry that happened. I always get so cranky and stompy when stuff like that happens. So, you learned how to do it eventually from your friend right? There's nothing like hands on learning when it comes to cooking.


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