February 14, 2010

Mon ami aime le rose


I made my friend, April, and myself table runners for Valentine's Day. I named these runners "My Friend Loves Pink" - hence the title for this post.

They are just a little bit different (different sashing on the two sets of 4 hearts and I forgot to add the ribbon to the center square on hers), but I think she got the point that I was thinking about her...

I do realize that the plant on my table is a Christmas remnant, but it's still thriving, and it's red. So it works - OK?

 I had some left over charm squares, so I practiced meandering loop, grid, and squiggle grid machine stitches - because every machine quilter will tell you that it all takes practice. I doubled up the grid and squiggle grid squares to make a hot pad, and the other one I used to create "A Little Bit O Love". I'm currently using this in my living room. I'm going to have to make another one soon since the season has changed...

I don't think April knew what she was unleashing. I've got a small stockpile of table toppers building up, and I don't quite know what I'm going to do with them.

Oh - and if you're wondering who those handsome silohouettes (sp?) belong to, those would be my 3 offspring. That was last year's Mother's Day gift for my mom and myself (made by me).

Dang - where am I finding all of the time?

1 comment:

  1. The runners are truly wonderful. I only wish I had talent to make something like that.


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