May 21, 2010

Perfume Cloud

I was cleaning out my cedar chest this morning, and I found a box of stuff from my senior year of high school. It's got a pom-pom, some poetry books, the senior class panoramic photo, a t-shirt, etc. There was also a bottle of Jess.

My bottle's lid isn't so shiny - it's nicely patinaed. The problem is that the bottle is 3/4 full of a liquid that is several shades darker - honestly looks like urine and it is
r ~ a ~ n ~ c ~ i ~ d

I <3 this bottle but I never really did like the scent (hence it being 3/4 full)... So guess what I did...

I turned on the water in my bathroom sink and figured I'd just dump the stuff down the drain. Couldn't get the vaporizer off the top, so in my infinite blonde wisdom I started spraying away.

What?! It should have worked. Paint booths use water falls to capture overspray and control VOC emissions.Why wouldn't that work for 20 year old perfume in the bathroom sink? I don't know - it just didn't. My upstairs now smells like rancid perfume. I'm pretty sure that I can even taste it.

You know how Febreze is supposed to neutralize odors? Would that work for perfume? I really don't want to add another scent to this miasma. I've got windows open (thank goodness it's a beautiful sunny day!). Perhaps all those awful scent particles will dilute with the fresh air. I'm sure my scent glands have shut down by now, so I'm probably not the best judge...

Won't Jon be surprised when he gets home from work? Maybe I can blame it on Carson and Evan and say that they rotated the clothing piles on their floor - thus disturbing some boy funk.

Really though. I still have 3/4 bottle minus 17 or so sprays. How do I get that stuff out of there and keep the bottle intact?!


  1. Is it wrong that I am laughing really hard?

  2. I think I agree with Jenn...
    Pretty "stinkin" funny story!
    Loved it.


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