January 18, 2011

A Better Brother

Some of you know the health issues that my younger brother has been having. He hates that I go public with these things, but he's the only brother that I've got, and I seriously worry about the guy.

Just before Christmas he had a colectomy, and I'm fervently praying that this makes things better for him. I'd sure like him to be around to raise his 4 adorable kiddos, support his beautiful wife, look after our stunning mother and step-dad, tease my boys, put up with my hubby, and annoy me to no end.

Anyway - he's going back to work in early February, but in the mean time he's getting things back in order for his other job. So this week he's in Las Vegas for Shot Show. I suppose he's having a great time. Last night he sent this photo -

Do you recognize her? That's Rachel Dratch! Hangin at the shooting range with my bro! Dang. Really though - it's so good to see him smile.

He's also got another article in another magazine. Check out the Jan/Feb 2011 edition of Successful Hunter magazine.

Love you Boog!

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