January 09, 2011

We Should Do This More Often

So I'm spending my Sunday morning/early afternoon perusing countertop resurfacing/painting websites and reading lots of blog posts that I've missed in my computer-free weekend.

Yesterday I started dejunking my home office so that I can move a bookshelf into a gift wrap/boy's school work/craft project hoarded corner. I found no less than 4 church bags (the bag that I use to take entertainment for the boys and whatever class I happen to be teaching or attending.) There were some very cool things in these bags, and I have quite the stash of objects that Griff has never seen. Boy is he going to be quiet the next few weeks. At least I can hope anyway.

 One of the things I found was a kids meal toy from Faziolis. These things are cool! Funny thing is that yesterday I immediately assembled a space station with two detachable ships. Then I took it apart and put the pieces in a bag.

Griff came in and saw these, put something together and immediately started flying it around and shooting lasers, torpedoes, and sting rays from various parts of the ship. Great minds think alike.

He played for a bit then walked up to me and gave me a HUGE bear hug.
This is my favorite part...
Mom? We should do this more often.

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  1. Oh how much fun is that! Thanks so much for stopping by ThreeBoys:)


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