July 30, 2008

After we'd cleaned up, we headed into Heber. We typically eat at Dairy Keen on our way home from Moon Lake camping trips. Couldn't pass up a chance to have all of us eat there again now could we?

When tummies were full we headed to the park across the street. It was a beautiful summer evening. We played on the playground, launched pinecones out of the potato cannon, and had a couple games of touch football.

I got a new camera the day before we left for the reunion, so I was trying out some of the settings. I like how this one (night-landscape) turned out. It sort of reinforces the disappearing thing I talked about earlier.

Looks like the college girls (Rachel, Natasha, and Aimee) still got their swing...

This is my nephew, Samuel, with a dose of brave in him.

When we'd all returned to the lodge and the chitlens were a bit settled, the ladies gathered in the lobby for girl's night. The lobby had some adjustable leather chairs, some of which weren't very agreeable. My SIL, Natalie, discovered that this maneuver helped. You can also see my FIL - he brought us treats and was a little wary of leaving his wife, daughters, and DILs with no male supervision. He wasn't the only worried male. The poor guy at the desk didn't quite know how to take all of our giggling and non-alcoholic-induced guffaws.All I'm gonna say is that if I ever do skinny dip in a hopefully-darkened-hotel pool, these girls are gonna be there with me. I could not have chosen a better group of women as my SILs. I'm sure it's not the same as having my own sister, but I cannot express without getting all sorts of sappy how much I love all of them.

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