July 30, 2008

Post HFR

Just because the reunion is over does not mean that the Hills will stop gathering.
Monday evening Jon and I took the boys to Temple Square with Dan, Nat & their kids.
If you haven't been to the Church History Museum lately, you should go. The Child of God exhibit is hands-down better than anything that's at the children's museum.

Last night the fam met at Leatherbys. If you haven't been there either, put it on your "to go" list. Have the Daddy Doug's with Toasted Almond, Swiss Milk Chocolate, and either Almond Joy or Arcadia Avalanche ice cream. Top it off with carmel, hot fudge, and a few cherries. This is not to be eaten by yourself! I actually picked up a Cafe Rio salad (it's right next door) and chased it with the banana from Jon & Griff's Daddy Doug, but that's just because I hadn't eaten all day. If I'd had my usual, it would have been a Gretchen's Golden Nugget (waffle bowl, praline pecan ice cream, loads of carmel, dollop of whip cream, and cherry sprinkled with cinnamon) - it's divine.

Jon got a lots of niece attention - which he always craves. The man has some adorable nieces... Kim (on left) and McKaela (on right) wanted quarters for gumballs. Guess what Jon wanted in exchange.

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