July 30, 2008

HFR - Day 2

We got to sleep in and take our time getting to the pavillion (that's pERvillion in Jon-Hill-speak) on Friday morning. We spent the afternoon at Jordanelle Reservoir baking/basking in the sun. The water was cold when you first got in (as you can see from my niece Heather's expression). This one makes me smile. Believe it or not my nephew, Josh, was not in the water when I caught this photo - he's just being Josh. Go back to the powercousin photos, and you'll see...
Evan didn't say much while we were on the beach. I finally decided that he must have been trying to channel his inner gator because he spent quite a long time paddling along on this log being the quiet observer.

Griff just did his thing (which included multiple disappearing acts - anyone have a cure/remedy for independant 4-yr-olds? I'm not too keen on kid-leashes, but I completely understand why they were invented).Carson is in that wierd male-tween stage. He wasn't quite as adventurous as my older nephews, but he thinks he can try.

I love this photo of my SIL, Shauna, so I'm sharing it. Finally - after the older nephews (Ryan, Nate, Jeff, Steve, and Nathaniel) had returned from their island swim, they were put up to showing off their stuff right in front of some bikini-clad babes (doesn't that just make me sound like a wanna-be-hyp-middle-aged Mom?) who were behind the moms taking photos.

These guys rock. If my boys turn out to be half this fun, I'll be thrilled.

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