July 20, 2008

Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Four more days till the bi-annual Nathan Hill fam reunion. We are so excited!

Right now all but one of Jon's siblings are in town. We're also missing one more bro-in-law. They all get here on Wednesday. Jon's 3 sisters and their fams are living at Mom & Dad's house. The place is C R A Z Y! There are 21 people living in that house! Those of us not inhabiting the nest often do not want to miss out on the fun. We can most likely be found there as well.

Just last night my own hubbie threw an amazing pity party and demanded that we have home made ice cream and applie pie. Sheesh! His sisters were kind enough to inform me that of all the brothers, his nagging has changed the least since he was younger. They shared stories of him whining to get his scout badges sewn onto his uniform and his mother finally hiding his shirt so that he'd leave her alone. I can actually hear the vocal inflections that he would have used to try to get her to do it for him (this is me shaking my head and rolling my eyes).

Anyway - Jon, the boys, and I pulled out around 11:00 last night - leaving the mess for his sisters to clean up. Griff and Ev fell asleep almost as soon as they were in the car - tummies very happy and smiles (and not a little dirt) on their faces. It was a great evening.

Honestly, thank you Mom, Val, Becky, Debbie, and Tash for throwing things together and allowing Jon a snippet of his past that he "could share with his 3 sons in the back". He talked about it all the way home. Thanks also for enduring Dad's bellering when he thought you weren't doing the ice cream right. (If it's any consolation - he offered to add sour cream, chili, peas, or potatoes to my alfredo sauce the night before). Gotta love Nate and Jon, huh?

One more thing - in all of our years together Jon has never requested home made ice cream or apple pie at our abode. It's something he thinks doesn't cook right unless it's done at Mom & Dad's.

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