July 30, 2008

Hill Fam Reunion - Day One

The bi-annual Nathan Hill Family Reunion (that's Jon, his parents & 7 siblings) was this past weekend. Everyone in the family was there (all 52 of us!), and it was fabulous.

We started off with family photos. As if getting a single decent shot of the 6 powercousins (what would you call 6 male 3&4 year olds with Griff at the helm?) wasn't enough fun, you should have seen the entire group shot.... The first and third are my personal favorites. How can you not love a fun-seeker like that kid in green on the front row?

Oh yeah - and because I know you were wondering... Hayden (front row center) did follow Griff's lead. He took a pair of scissors and cut a V in his hair the week before the reunion - requiring the use of clippers. Go G.

Following the photo shoot we went to Murray Park for lunch. The next scheduled activity was at 7:00 that evening, so we were able to drive to the lodge and check in at our leisure.

A 70th birthday party had been planned for my FIL. I made a small comment about the quality of Hills singing "Happy Birthday" on Evan's bday post. Now you can hear it all for yourself! You may want to close your eyes. My cinematography is pretty weak - I tried to panoramically capture the group, and it's a little bumpy.

My 4 SILs and I put together quite the gift package. We each found 14 items (makes a total of 70 for all you non-mathematicians), wrapped them individually, and put them in a big box. This was saved for the end of the festivities, and it was a hoot! You can see Dad reluctantly holding a big ol red bra (contrary to popular opinion, this was not mine!). He's always shared a rule with his sons and grandsons "If you're going to wear a necklace, you have to wear a bra to go with it." We gave him a necklace so he had to take his own meds. I'm sure the folks standing out on their balconies watching all of us on the deck were wondering what was going on.
The evening concluded with the men gathering in the hotel conference room for their ritual Risk gaming. I don't know who won this year's battle, but I'm pretty sure the brothers didn't put up with being over-turned by one of the BILs.

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