July 30, 2008

HFR - Days 3 & 4

Saturday was a free day. I got to go shopping with my SILs and nieces. I don't get to shop for girls, so this quickly wore me out. Headed back to the hotel and took a 2 1/2 hr nap! A bunch of us set up tables in the conference room and played board games for a couple of hours while we waited for a group to get back from the Alpine Coaster/Mtn Biking excursion. It rained pretty hard, so we had to move our dinner indoors. I'm sure we were loud as all get out, but the hotel staff was very accomodating.

We had a family meeting after dessert and then all crowded into Val & Mark's room to watch the slideshows of past reunions that Natalie put together.

Sunday morning we had a farewell meeting and then drove home.

Griff just pointed out that Jake has painted toe nails. Don't blame this on him - he's the only male sibling in his house. This just proves how manly he has to be to deal with his 4 sisters!

I did not have a very good attitude going into this reunion, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm excited for 2010!

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